GST Portal – Fifth Estate of the GST Law!

by | May 16, 2023 | Articles

Buoyancy of revenue collections post shift to the GST regime is most talked about financial news currently. This feat was impossible to achieve without seamless integration of technology with law, a foundation on which GST law is built. Introduction of the GST was experimental not just because of novelty of concept but also because it was first time that Indian lawmakers meshed technology to such a large extent with law. A recent report titled ‘Fixing the GST Process: Five Years of Iterative Problem Solving’ released by the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (‘Report’) has examined progress of IT infrastructure under GST through relevant statistics. This necessitates discussion on role played and continue to be played by GST Portal in evolution of GST law. 

Our Managing Partner, Mr. Puneet Bansal, Managing Associate, Mr. Sourabh, and Associate Ms. Srishti Yadav walk down the memory lane of role that GST Portal has played in panning out GST in their Article titled ‘GST Portal – Fifth Estate of the GST Law!’.

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