NITYA | Indirect Tax Bulletin | January 2023 | Week 3

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Indirect Tax Bulletin

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NITYA I Indirect Tax Bulletin I January 2023 I Week 3

In this Weekly Bulletin, we have captured following:


  • Validity of SCN quashed by High Court to confiscate goods
  • Non-applicability of Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel on export incentives
  • Maintainability of offline appeal filed against Summary Order

Other Updates

  • Rationalization of Composition Fee for non-fulfillment of export obligations under Advance Authorisation


  • Imported weights and measures for self-consumption: An ‘Un-Registered’ Analysis by our Associate Partner, Aasmee Mangla, Senior Research Associate, Mr. Ashutosh Mishra and Executive, Ms. Sarita Mehra
  • Taxability of Extra Neutral Alcohol: Eluding an Inevitable? by our Partner, Dharnendra Kumar Rana, Managing Associate, Mr. Sourabh Kumar and Associate, Mr. Shivam Kamra