International Trade Law Update 6#

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Trade Law Updates

DGTR has issued Trade Notice 03/2021 clarifying the following key points in respect of filing sunset review Anti-Dumping applications.
1. Application to be filed atleast 270 days prior to expiry of AD Duty. Relaxation may be considered upon substantiation of bonafide hardships faced causing the delay.
2. Request for extension of AD Duty pending completion of sunset review to be sought from Central Government on a case to case basis.
3. Petitioner to provide information regarding likelihood and recurrence of dumping and injury as listed in Trade Notice 03/2021.
4. Period of investigation adopted should preferably include last completed financial quarter.
5. The Trade Notice will not apply to two upcoming cases, which may be adversely affected – (a) Narrow Woven Fabrics from China; (b) Metallurgical Coke from Australia and China.