Inverted Tax Refund – foundation Shaken by Judiciary! (Part -II)

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NITYA Tax Associates is proud to present their recent write-up in the ‘Article’ series on trending indirect tax issues. A gist of the next article in the series is as under:

Article 50 – “Inverted Tax Refund – foundation Shaken by Judiciary! (Part -II)” 

In our last article, we discussed Gujarat High Court judgment in the case of VKC Footsteps India Pvt. Ltd. v. UOI [2020-VIL-340-GUJ], where the High Court allowed refund of input services in case of Inverted Tax Structure (‘ITS’).

Through this article, Our Associate Director, Mr. Gaurav Narula, has analysed the recent contrary judgment of the Madras High Court in the case of TVL Transtonnelstroy Afcons Joint Venture v. UOI [2020-VIL-459-MAD]. The article critically analyses reasons basis which Madras High Court decision is based, and draws a comparative between both the decisions. It also discussed way forward for taxpayers.

Please click below to read our latest article titled Inverted Tax Refund – foundation Shaken by Judiciary! (Part -II) on the issue.

NITYA I Article 50 I Inverted Tax Refund – Foundation Shaken by Judiciary! (Part -II)

Also, you may click to read our earlier article titled “Inverted Tax Refund – foundation shaken by Judiciary!” on the issue.


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