NITYA | Indirect Tax Bulletin | April 2022 | Week 5

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In this Weekly Bulletin, we have captured following:


  • Cash refund in case of failure to file TRAN-1 due to fire accident in factory
  • Refund of ITC to SEZ Unit
  • Taxability of incentives received from OEM when purchase made from Distributor


Outright Exemptions on import of goods by Advance Authorization holders / EPCG holders / EOUs – Strangled between uncertain destiny!! by our Partner, Mr. Deepak Suneja and Managing Associate, Ms. Lipika Rustgi.

Please click on the below link to NITYA | Indirect Tax Bulletin | April 2022 | Week 5 (Legal Precedents, Other Updates, Article and Recent News) covering all recent updates.

NITYA I IDT Bulletin I April Week 5

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