Inverted duty structure – A turmoil for Traders

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GST law was introduced with the objective of eliminating cascading effects and having seamless flow of credit throughout supply chain. On the contrary, inverted duty structure divulges a situation when tax on inputs is higher than that on output leading to accumulation of credit. While there is a provision for refund of accumulated credit in inverted duty cases, there exists a doubt if traders can claim such refund.

Through this article, Our Associate Partner, Ms. Aasmee Mangla and Associate, Mr. Shivam Malhotra have examined the issue in detail and have shared their thoughts on Circular issued by CBIC and recent ruling given by Calcutta High Court in the case of Shivaco Associates.

Please click on the below link to read our latest article titled “Inverted duty structure – A turmoil for Traders” on the issue.

Article 87 I Inverted duty structure – A turmoil for Traders


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